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Machine Learning

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Thanks to our holistic, iterative and agnostic approach, our team can assist clients of a wide variety of industries in defining Machine Learning strategies with realistic growth opportunities.

We develop customized solutions to analyse our clients’ data and leverage it for their benefit.

Wherever you are in your Machine Learning journey, we can help you move forward in a flash!

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Intro to Machine Learning

Beyond the buzz words, our team meets your team to explain the core concepts around AI and practically how it works in practice. Once demystified, you will be able to understand how Machine Learning can make your work easier and more efficient.

The objective is not to make you a ML engineer but to show you the capabilities of ML and its field of applications.

Ideation workshops – What could ML do for your organisation?

Do you want to introduce and leverage Machine Learning in your organization quickly and effectively? If so - contact us for a free ideation workshop to discover where Machine Learning can take you!

We will start from your business needs points and together discuss how technology can be of help. We will guide you to focus on business aspects where Machine Learning will be a key differentiator and have a high impact on your business.

The objective is to define potential pilot projects that could be launched quickly in order to get early feedback on ML benefits.

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Forecasting and prediction

Predictive analysis can be used in business to evaluate trends and make estimates or forecasts.

By using regression analysis, we can generate insights about consumer behaviour as well as factors influencing profitability, and effectiveness of pricing and promotions of the product from the marketing and sales point of view.

Computer vision

Computer vision strives to automate perception and understanding of visual data.

This application seeks to develop techniques to help computers see and understand the content of digital images such as photos and videos for the purpose of object detection, image classification, face recognition, and more.

Natural language processing (NLP)

NLP focuses on a computer’s ability to interpret human language in order to process, analyse, and extract meaning from large volumes of natural language text data and speeches.

Applications range from automated classification, tagging, document or e-mail processing, to extracting information in order to analyse personality, demographics and mood.

With organisations producing more and more unstructured documents, NLP becomes the key to automate their treatment into organized business processes.

Through our NLP framework, we can provide exceptionally fast results, building up on our earlier work and research.

Recommender systems

A recommender system aims to filter a catalogue of items in order to show an end-user the items that are most relevant to them.

Obviously applicable in the e-commerce sector (product recommendation), recommenders use can be extended to various business domains. For example, based on employee’s current job, and job’s history, HR departments can be advised with complete and relevant training plans, tailored for each single employee.

Anomaly and pattern detection

Anomaly detection (also outlier detection) techniques detect rare items, events, or observations, that raise suspicions by differing significantly from the rest of the data. By identifying, monitoring, and recommending counteractions, Machine Learning helps businesses respond to anomalies in no time.

Through exploratory data analysis it is possible to identify clusters of objects that are similar to each other, and understand the common patterns among the objects in the same cluster. This type of understanding is key in detecting anomalous objects that do not fit any of the cluster profiles.

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